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KIYA Transport PLC Values

  • Customer Focused

    In KIYA Transport, it is believed that customers are the ultimate ends where all efforts are directed towards the fulfillment of their wishes.

  • Quality of Service

    KIYA Transport is striving to assure quality of service by the customers definition.

  • Integrity

    KIYA Transport ensures that all business activities are carried out with honesty, ethically and always respecting the Interests of its stakeholders.

Why Choose KIYA Transport PLC ?

  • Scannia Trucks


    KIYA Transport PLC provides superior quality Scannia Trucks to our most valued Customers. We are always committed to quality freight transport services. Our company has never compromised on quality. To this end, our Scannia Trucks are state-of-the-art ones. In addition, as the proverb goes, “a stitch in time saves nine”, they are serviced in a timely fashion by the company’s own garage.

  • Renault Trucks


    KIYA also brings other state-of-the-art trucks, Renault, to its customers. They are used to achieve the company’s objectives, rendering freight transportation services both within the country bridging the gap between producing areas and consumption sectors of the different regions of the country and from the ports to the hinterland and vice-versa moving import and export Cargo.

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  • KIYA Transport focuses on those transport users who are mainly engaged in the development of Infrastructure, construction Industries and Road building activities in the country as its prime targets. Sofar the major customers of the company are Salini Construttori S.P.A., which is engaged in the construction of Electrical Power Plants in the country, World Food Programme, Total Ethiopia, Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise, and others.